Fitness Tip: Sleep and Fat Loss

We all know the importance of sleep and how we feel when we don’t get enough. But did you know if you had enough sleep it would be easier to lose weight!?

Scientists have discovered how 2 hormones play such a big part when it comes to weight loss and sleep.

These hormones are leptin and ghrelin. These two hormones work together to control our feeling of hunger and fullness.

Ghrelin, which is produced in the gastrointestinal tract stimulates our appetite and leptin produced in fat cells sends signals to the brain when we are full.

The recent research found that lack of sleep drives leptin levels down and it causes ghrelin levels to rise. So this means that the next day after you have not had enough sleep you will feel hungrier and you will not feel full after eating.

Below we have listed 14 tips to help you with getting good quality sleep:

  1. Keep your room cool 18-20 Celsius
  2. Keep your room quiet.
  3. Keep your room dark.
  4. Keep your TV, phone, and computer out of your bedroom.
  5. Keep an appropriately-sized and personally comfortable mattress.
  6. Keep an alarm clock that doesn’t have a “snooze” button.
  7. Go to bed at the same time every night.
  8. Have a “pre-sleep” routine.
  9. Have a light snack before bed.
  10. Improve your supplement closet.
  11. Don’t oversleep.
  12. Don’t use caffeine (up to 8-10 hours before sleep), alcohol (which can disrupt sleep patterns), cigarettes (stimulant), and sleeping pills.
  13. Don’t nap.
  14. Don’t train within three hours of bedtime

By Edo Dedovic