Finding the motivation to train

The first step towards harnessing the power of motivation, is identifying the reason for the need to train?

Is it for fat or weight loss or to increase fitness levels?

Maybe the pressures of work have caused you to lead an unhealthy lifestyle with fast food and the pounds have crept on?

Or you just want to tone and sculpt your body more?

Once you have identified the reason and the goal we need to map out a plan to achieve it.

The Plan

In order to achieve your goal you need to start to prepare your fitness and body shape now. So while your goal may seem out of reach initially, as you become fitter and more in tune with your body, the easier it will become. The key is to give your self enough time and work on mini goals, so give yourself weekly goals, for example:

+ Week 1 – Attend Boot camp

+ Week 2 – Add running sessions

+ Week 3 – Improve your nutrition

+ Week 4 – Add Personal Training session

Your plan should also apply the S.M.A.R.T goals of being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. It’s best to start out at a steady pace and ensure the training will fit into your daily routine.

A recent survey showed how a selection of people fit this into their life:

+ Evening exercise session: 49%

+ Hit the gym before work: 31%

+ Walk, cycle, run to and from work: 17%

+ During their lunch hour: 3%

+ Work out while on job: 0%

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

There are two factors that influence “motivation” and it’s important to distinguish between the two.

The extrinsic element tends to be external, and once the goal is achieved, it becomes self-limiting in that once we achieve the goal we are likely to quit!

Intrinsic motivation is where training becomes an “enjoyable habit” and we take no part other than for the reason of satisfaction.

Once you have your plan and your motivating factors then we can begin, the brain is much like a Satellite Navigation system initially it needs a destination!

As a celebrity in the public eye was quoted as saying, “The hardest part about training is getting out the door and going but once you’re there, you’re there. And often the exterior is the initial motivation ie getting rid of cellulite or a flatter tummy. But the deeper reasons for me are also looking after my heart and taking care of it and of me. Saying that I do have solid goals too, like wanting a firmer, higher bottom.”

So once you’ve found the motivation to getting started, we want ensure we stay trim and help control our weight loss or increase our fitness so we are less likely to pile on those pounds again. You’ll need a good dose of discipline but the real buzz will come out of achieving the goal as well as the challenge of regular training. So in summary, take time, get advise, prepare and really take it on board.

Psychological barriers

It is also worth noting that often psychological barriers can influence our motivation for getting started with fitness and weight loss goals, perhaps carrying that extra weight allows you to hide or your excuses distract you so you don’t have deal with bigger issues or believing you’re not good enough keeps you in your comfort zone. It’s a useful exercise to list out what is actually stopping you from starting to train. Deciding to train could lead to a chain of events in your life as you begin to feel better in yourself to making decisions that affect other areas of your life.

Boot camps

A sure fire way of getting motivated is to partake in outdoor group training such as Boot camp training.

Boot camp classes are fun, very enjoyable and you can get great results, a lot more exciting than being bored on a treadmill! You will gain extra encouragement for example if you are able to join forces with a friend, colleague and other participants, when you’re flagging and a little competition can increase our motivation levels

The support and expertise you gain will give you a start point, crucial in those early phases of rejuvenating your enthusiasm and motivation to train. Boot camp training is also often more affordable as the participant often pays 60% less than one to one training.

Additionally getting into Boot camp training is great as being connected to a group gives people a greater sense of purpose and responsibility for others as well as themselves. So many of us have started an programme in the past then found ourselves getting stuck in a frustrating plateau and seeing our motivation and confidence take a dive, this is a sure fire way to keep that flag of achievement and success flying high.

Semi-Private Personal Training

If you want more of a personal touch and attention to reach your specific goal then there are definite benefits to Semi-Private Personal Training as well. This can identify not just the tightness of your abdominals, it can pinpoint your aerobic or cardiovascular power & endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, co-ordination and balance. This is all priceless information in getting you well on your way to fitness ideals and goals. The focus in Semi-Private Personal Training sessions can make all the impact on the results of your exercise, honing important small details such as good posture, positioning, technique and how to make the most of your time to gain amazing faster results.

Finally never aspire to look like the fitness models in the magazines you don’t know how much effort, time and years of training that body has resulted in. Very few of us roll out of bed looking like that naturally! Get motivated and aspire to be a healthier, fitter, more toned you and that’ll be aiming for a more realistic and achievable goal!

By Rita Sangha