When can I expect to see some changes?

If you follow the program, and you are consistent with your training and you change your eating habits we can guarantee that you will see changes within 4-6 weeks.

What’s the benefit of training outside?

There are numerous benefits so we have created a section on our website for Outdoor Training Benefits.

What’s the difference between a boot camp or an exercise class and your small group personal training session?

Our small group session has a maximum of 4 people so it is much more personalised.

Boot camps and classes tend to have a minimum of 20 people in a class, so obviously it is impossible for the instructor to give you the same amount of attention as in a small group session. Inevitably  your technique and performance will be compromised,  whereas during small group sessions the personal trainer is able to give specific feedback to all participants at all times.

If you need guaranteed fat loss results and a more specialised approach then small group personal training sessions are for you.

I have not done much exercise before and I’m not very fit – is the session suitable for me?

The majority of our clients who have joined are not very fit when they start. We will encourage you to work out at your own pace to start with and, as you attend more sessions,  you will get fitter and stronger. We will gradually increase the intensity so that you are always progressing. All our trainers are qualified and experienced to make sure you’re working at the exact intensity to see the best results.

I train regularly and I’m quite fit, how will your sessions benefit me?

Our trainers will be able to assess your current fitness level and provide specific advance exercises and training methods to further develop your fitness and strength.

Furthermore we provide a motivational session every 6-8 weeks in which we will review your progress and set new targets.