Fitness Information

Finding the motivation to train

The first step towards harnessing the power of motivation, is identifying the reason for the need to train?

Is it for fat or weight loss or to increase fitness levels?

Maybe the pressures of work have caused you to lead an unhealthy lifestyle with fast food and the pounds have crept on?

Or you just want to tone and sculpt your body more?

Once you have identified the reason and the goal we need to map out a plan to achieve it. [Read more…]

Osteoporosis and How Exercise Can Help

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become thin and weak, and break easily. It is called the silent disease as lot of the time it will be undiagnosed until a fracture occurs. This is because generally there are no warning signs.

Most affected areas tend to be the spine, hips, ribs and wrists and therefore these areas of the body are particularly vulnerable to fracture.

Women are 4 times more likely to be affected than men; with current figures showing that 1 in 3 women will be affected from osteoporosis during their lifetime. [Read more…]

Fitness Tip: Sleep and Fat Loss

We all know the importance of sleep and how we feel when we don’t get enough. But did you know if you had enough sleep it would be easier to lose weight!?

Scientists have discovered how 2 hormones play such a big part when it comes to weight loss and sleep. [Read more…]