Name: Edo Dedovic
Age: 29
Register of exercise professionals Level: 4
Membership no: R0016566
Favourite food: Steak
Favourite book: The Kite Runner
Favourite colour: Red
Hobby: Football
Favourite Exercise: Press up
Inspiration: Thaddeus Birchard
Favourite sports team: Arsenal

Personal Trainer, Specialist Instructor for lower back pain management and Co–Founder of Enlite Fitness, Edo Dedovic is one of the most inspirational Personal Trainers.

He works tirelessly to motivate his clients to change their lifestyles and achieve what they may have felt as unachievable before.

Edo is experienced at delivering personal training to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Over the past 10 years he has achieved unparalleled results with many different types of people.


Charles Swindon

Managing Director

“I sit at a computer in an office all day, have a stressful job trading international commodities, and am in my early 50s. Thanks to Edo, I do not feel my age and do not suffer from sitting at a desk .” read more »

Articles by Edo

Sleep and Fat Loss

Osteoporosis and how exercise can help

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• Level 4 – Specialist Instructor in Lower Back Pain Management

• Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management

• Level 3 Advanced Instructor

• Level 3 Fitness Testing

• Boxercise Instructor

• Level 2 Working with Children