Zaineb, Maida Vale

I have a very demanding career and personal life; I struggled to find time and motivation to look after my health and wellbeing for some time, I was feeling increasingly discontent with myself.

Joining Enlite Fitness has certainly been one of the most positives steps I have taken over the past year.

Although I can only manage one session a week, within a short time, I noticed significant improvement in my energy, fitness, weight, motivation, and furthermore, my musculoskeletal ailments have been minimised.

I was given a programme to practice at home during the rest of the week to maintain my fitness levels.

Clifton and Edo are both great at what they do, they are dedicated to their roles, they are client focused, always ready to support and guide, they even advise you about diet and other aspects of lifestyle.


Dr Thaddeus Birchard, Maida Vale, London

“I have worked with Enlite Fitness for about three sessions per week for the past six months. Having been around gyms most of my life and having hired a lot of personal trainers over a 20 year period, both here and in the United States, I take the view that I am now something of an expert on the subject.

Enlite Fitness have the best trainers I have had. The quality of the training is excellent. They are attentive, very goal orientated, very achievement directed, always on time and entirely reliable.

They know about training, exercise, muscle building, nutrition and they work to put together a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of fitness. I have rarely felt better, been fitter or stronger than I have been since starting to work with Enlite Fitness. They have a ‘no nonsense’ taciturn style that fits their image. I like them hugely and warmly recommend them.”

Claudia Kuhlman, Maida Vale, London

“I have been training with Enlite Fitness for a period of five weeks and in that period my fitness level, energy level, and the most important thing, my body fat has decreased dramatically. When I began training with Enlite Fitness I was unmotivated and did not trust my own strength. The personal trainers managed to encourage me in a friendly and convincing way.

The trainers are very in tune with identifying my strengths and weaknesses. They know which goals to set me in my exercise program. They made my session very challenging and fun!

I found them very personable, down to earth and always very polite, which, coupled with their expert knowledge on fitness and nutrition makes them a very effective personal training company, which I can highly recommend.”

Charles Swindon, Maida Vale, London

“I have been training with Edo for the last four years. Over that time, I have seen my personal level of fitness increase dramatically. I sit at a computer in an office all day, have a stressful job trading international commodities, and am in my early 50s. Thanks to Edo, I do not feel my age and do not suffer from sitting at a desk . Each session is different and geared towards my particular needs or requirements. Edo is very good at motivation, and you will certainly finish any of of his PT sessions feeling much better than you started, whatever your mood at the beginning. We normally do a combination of upper body, lower body, cardio and stretching. The time flies by whatever the weather.

I strongly recommend you to train with Edo. He is reliable and good company. It is great fun. He will give you the opportunity to be fit and transform your lives. Seize the chance and meet your personal fitness goals.”